Services for Educators

As a 16 year educator I have served as a teacher, department chair, data coordinator, and Principal. In each position, I found ways to make my spreadsheets, docs, and email do more work for me so I could focus on serving. I am self-taught and love coming up with solutions to help teachers do their work! And the best part is I speak your language, not the tech jargon that frustrates so many educators.

Did you ever look at your Docs or Spreadsheets and think,

“I wish it would or could do this for me…” ?

Guess what, it probably can! And I can help make it happen for you!


Formulas, scripts, auto-emails and formatting! You can tell me what you are wanting your spreadsheet to do

Docs & PDFs

Want to automatically create documents and PDFs? Need help formatting a document and making it work for you or your classroom? Looking to automatically send PDFs to students or families from a set of data? We can do all this and more!

Other Tech Questions

Got a great lesson plan and looking for ways to integrate technology? Or do you need help understanding how to use some of the new technologies out there and not getting the help you need from your people? Let’s set up a Google Meet and we can walk through it together!

“I had all this data from my students, but I was spending so much time moving it and reformatting it every time new data came in. Then I got reached out to Mr. Kubuske and now my data does all the work for me. I get the results and my time back!

Dr. Aarti Brooks, Teacher & Administrator

Contact Mr. Kubuske and see what your docs can do for you