For Students

Below is information and other classroom essentials you will either need to read, download, sign-up for, or otherwise acquire in order to be better prepared for the class.
Suggestion: When creating usernames and passwords for apps and websites, use your cathedral email and password whenever possible so as to not confuse yourself.


  • Procedures – PDF
  • Cathedral Honor Code – PDF
  • Lab Safety – PDF


Google Drive – Document Sharing & Storage

Google Sheets – Reads and creates sharable spreadsheets (Excel)

Google Docs – Reads and creates sharable documents (Docs)

iMotion – Used to create stop motion animation videos

YouTube – Watching and creating videos related to class

Puffin – Web Browser for the iPad that can show flash animation & full websites (available from CHS@APPS)

Book Creator – Create creative and inviting books to share images and information (available from CHS@APPS)

Talkboard – Creates a “whiteboard” that groups of students can work on simultaneously and see each other’s work

Dropbox – Storage of documents in the cloud; Accessing classroom files.

Notability – Taking notes and editing PDF files from Dropbox (available from CHS@APPS)

Twitter – For keeping up to date on any new information directly from the teacher or school. Not for social use during class!

Powerschool for Students – Access to grades and other important school information




Responsible Use

Our students were given a lot of information in their orientation about responsible use, cyber-bullying, and digital citizenship. With that in mind here is some important information regarding iPad use in our class.

    iPad’s are for educational use only during class time. If a student is caught misusing an iPad we will follow the school’s guidelines on consequences:


  • First offense, iPad taken for the period
  • Second offense, iPad taken for the day and collected back from Mrs. Sahm
  • Third Offense, iPad taken for the day and student will receive a suspension


Students may not use their iPads to take pictures or video of anyone or anything in class without expressed consent from the teacher. Students are responsible for their own electronics. If something were to happen to an iPad, the student should see the Mr. Landeros immediately.
Phones are not permitted to be out or visible during the school day and will be confiscated and a detention written if seen.


I use a total points system to calculate grades. No weighted grades or averages. To calculate grades it is: Points earned/ Total Points = %
Percentages are given letter grades based on the Cathedral GPA system found on Here.
There will be opportunities for extra credit available to the students throughout the school year. These opportunities include, but are not limited to: Bonus Questions, Review Games, Extra Assignments, etc.. Also, extra credit opportunities may be posted on this blog or on twitter at @CoachKubuske.

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