For Students

Below is information and other classroom essentials you will either need to read, download, sign-up for, or otherwise acquire in order to be better prepared for the class.
Suggestion: When creating usernames and passwords for apps and websites, use your school email and password whenever possible so as to not confuse yourself.


  • Procedures – PDF
  • Cathedral Honor Code – PDF
  • Lab Safety – PDF


Google Drive – Document Sharing & Storage

Google Sheets – Reads and creates sharable spreadsheets (Excel)

Google Docs – Reads and creates sharable documents (Docs)

iMotion – Used to create stop motion animation videos

YouTube – Watching and creating videos related to class

Puffin – Web Browser for the iPad that can show flash animation & full websites

Book Creator – Create creative and inviting books to share images and information

Talkboard – Creates a “whiteboard” that groups of students can work on simultaneously and see each other’s work

Dropbox – Storage of documents in the cloud; Accessing classroom files.

Notability – Taking notes and editing PDF files from Dropbox (available from CHS@APPS)

Twitter – For keeping up to date on any new information directly from the teacher or school. Not for social use during class!

Powerschool for Students – Access to grades and other important school information

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