I know, I know I promised you a team building day. I promise (again) we will have it, just on monday so I can be there for it. Today, we’re going to learn all about photosynthesis!

If you remember, I told you a little about earlier this week. Stuff like: it takes place in the chloroplast, there are 2 reactions, the reactants, the products, etc.. We’ll today we’re going to go into a little more detail. I’m going to have you watch the video below and take some notes (make sure you use my notes handout because it has the pictures on it to make it easier to understand). Then on Monday, after the team building exercise, we’re going to make review posters for photosynthesis. I’ll show you what I mean then.

One last thing, next Friday we’re going to take the last of our common assessments. I’ll give you more info next week, but I wanted to make you aware and offer up the study guide (which is also available on the Bio: Semester 2 page). Have a great day and remember, after these notes… there’s only one more day of notes left the entire year!