Biology (& Chemistry) Semester I Final

Well its all come down to this. I believe that I have done my best to prepare you this semester and for this final. I believe that you have done everything you needed to do this semester as well. Most of all, I believe in you. You’ll be fine, you’ll do great. Take a deep breath, trust your gut, and best of luck. Thanks for a great semester. Have a safe and restful break.

Biology – Semester 1 Final Answer Sheet

Chemistry – Semester 1 Final Answer Sheet

Now, tell me what you really think…

I have had a lot of fun with you this semester and I hope you have too (and maybe learned something along the way! Make sure you take a look at the Final Study Guide & Answer Key and get those notecards filled out!

For now, please complete the Semester 1 Student Feedback form. It helps me improve your classroom experience and your education. Thanks so much and have a great Holiday Break!

Link: Student Survey

Plans for 12/11

I’m home with my son today so you’ll have to enjoy the start of the LAST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER without me. Here’s what I’d like you to work on while I’m out.

Biology D & E

Finish and turn in your Snorks. Then work on your Unit 6 study guide

Chemistry G

Take the naming practice test (in the back of the room)

Biology A

I apologize because today was supposed to be your review game for your Unit 6 test, which for you is your next class. You have a copy of the Study guide so feel free to use this time to work on that and study together.

Have a happy Monday!