Periodic Table – An Introduction

Chances are, at some point in your academic career you’ve been introduced to the periodic table and the elements listed on it. Today, we’ll be diving a bit deeper into the periodic table than you have in the past. As a part of your notes, you’ll need to label and color a blank periodic table. You can do this on Notability or on a hard copy with colored pencils or markers. If you’re choosing the latter, make sure you bring these utensils to class today.

The PDF for the notes can be found on the “Semester 1 Notes” Page and includes a VT link to review the notes on your own.

In conjunction with the Periodic table you will be asked to memorize “The Big 44” which is a group of elements we will be using frequently over the course of the year. You will need to make Flashcards (real or on an app) for a completion grade and to begin studying. Flashcards due Wednesday, quiz next Tuesday.

The Big 44

Now that’s a Big 44

Today, we’ll be going over the test and giving students who missed the test a chance to make it up. At the conclusion of the period we’ll introduce “The Big 44”. These are the 44 chemical names and symbols from the periodic table you will need to memorize. You will be quizzed on the Big 44 in the very near future (date to be determined because of the Day of Service & Walk-a-thon). The handout for the Big 44 is available below.

The Big 44

Tomorrow we’ll be in the lab wrapping up the measurements unit with a quick and easy lab on density.

Study Study Study

Unit 1 Test Tomorrow!

Below (and on the Documents Page) is a link to the Study guide you received at the beginning of last week. Look over your review sheets (answers on the Documents page), go over notes, watch voicethreads, and above all get a good night’s sleep. Good Luck and Study Up!

Unit 1 Study Guide

Reminder: Don’t forget about the possible 5 bonus points for your “Student Becomes The Teacher” assignment.


Review Questions Answers

The review questions answers are available now on the Semester 1 Docs page.

Remember the purpose of me giving you the answers is not for you to simply copy them and say you are done reviewing. Instead, complete the review on your own, check your work, and be ready to ask any questions you may have on Tuesday.

I implore you to begin reviewing your notes, handouts, and voicethreads now. Don’t wait! The test is Wednesday!