Three Day Weekend… good time do review!!!

Just a reminder that our test is Wednesday the 5th! Today you’ll be given a review sheet with some fill in about our Math rules and some practice problems for all the situations we’ll cover. The Answers will be posted here by this time tomorrow so you can check your work as you’re studying. When we come back on Tuesday we’ll be spending some time reviewing as a class and then you’ll be given time to start preparing on your own.
My suggestion is to look over your notes, watch the voicethreads, do the practice problems and check your work. It wouldn’t hurt to teach mom or dad how to do this as well… you learn best by teaching. Good luck!

New Photo Page Added

To help you keep up with the party that is Chemistry class, I’ve added a ‘Photos’ page to the blog. You can access photos from our recent Labs and see what we’re up to. Likewise, if you have a photo or poster that you would like to display to show your love of chemistry, feel free to email or twitpic it to me so we can post it!

jkubuske's Soda lab album on Photobucket

Lab: Density of Sodas

Believe it or not, depending on the type of Soda, some will float in water, while others will sink. This is because their density (D= Mass/Volume) is either greater than (sinks) or less than (floats) the Density of water (1.o g/ml). Today we’ll be determining the densities of  different types of soda in the Lab.

The rest of the week and into next we’ll be reviewing for the Unit Test which will be NEXT WEDNESDAY. Here are the topics we’ve covered:

  • Making Measurements with Uncertain Numbers
  • Accuracy, Precision, & Error
  • Significant Figures
  • Scientific Notation & Calculations
  • SI Units & Conversions
  • Derived Units (Density)

Start preparing Now! Use your notes, practice problems & answer sheets, voice thread, and study guides to get started!

A new week…

We start a new week… much like we started the last, reviewing topics from last week. Today we’ll be going over the work from Friday (See “We Talkin’ bout practice” below). Doing a group review activity. Then, a completion assignment to review topics we’ve covered. A quick update on upcoming events.

  • Tuesday we’ll be taking notes
  • Wednesday we’ll be in the lab
  • The test over Unit 1 will be Next Wednesday!

As a review of Scientific Notation, use this site & do the online practice problems for Multiplication and this site for Division

We Talkin’ bout Practice

I’ll be out today, and trust me I’d much rather be with you helping you through scientific notation. Instead, I’d like you to get the handout from the cart (also available below) and read through the 2 parts.

Part 1: Use this link- Scientific Notation Generator – complete 10 scientific notation problems. If you get any wrong, please write them down on your handout.

Part 2: Complete the Practice problems to the best of your ability.(Practice Problems PDF) As you work, you can check your answers, and follow the steps, on this answer key- Scientific Notation Practice Answer Key

Catch Up and Start Up

First, make sure you jump on power school and check your quiz grade. A few people are yet to take it so I cannot pass them back just yet. However, today in class I’m going to give everyone the opportunity to go over some of the problems and get some missed credit back. Remember, I’m here to help you succeed, not hold you back.

We’ll also begin discussing Scientific Notation and doing some practice problems. After which we’ll be reviewing the concept and doing some practice problems online. The link is listed below.

Scientific Notation Introduction

Scientific Notation Online

Remember if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email or tweet me and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Have a great Thursday!

Scientific Notation

When you complete the quiz today, you will need to open your version of the text to the start of Chapter 3. There you will find 2 pages of info on Scientific Notation. We’ll be covering this for the next 2 days and I would like for you to familiarize yourself with the concepts before we start discussing as a class. Below is a link to the handout that accompanies the text. Please fill it out as completely as you can before class tomorrow.

Download the Handout Here…Scientific Notation Notes

Check your work Here… Scientific Notation Notes- Answers

Lets Pump the Brakes

I realized after yesterday’s classes that I’ve been pushing my students a little too hard and going through material a little to fast. So, to that effect we’ll spend the whole day reviewing and I’ll be taking a few items off of the poster and quiz requirements (Scientific Notation & Multiplication/Division of Sig Figs).

The answers to today’s review problems can be accessed using this Link

The answers to the Sig Fig Review Problems can be accessed using this Link

The Quiz is still tomorrow and will be based on the Review Problems we worked on today. The review posters will now be due Wednesday by the end of school.

Review Posters

Today we’ll be getting together with a partner to create a Review Poster on the topics we have covered thus far. The poster is worth 25pts and is due Tuesday before 11:59pm. That’s right, this is not a construction paper and markers kind of review poster… you will be using your iPads to create and share your posters. There are criteria and requirements you must follow you can download the handout that goes with the assignment below or on the Semester 1 Docs page. Have fun, be creative, and above all REVIEW because you will have A QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY and your Unit Test is right around the corner too!

Review Poster Handout & Rubric