The Password is… “Positron”

Our review game for today is the old school game show “Password”.  The same Powerpoint used in class will be available after school via the semester 1 Documents page for you to review with. My suggestion would be:

  • If you’re by yourself, use the pages as flashcards and say what you know about each term out loud
  • If you’re with other chem students, give each other clues in the same way the game is played.

It’s important to point out that although the game is fun and a good tool to review vocab, most of your test will be based on performing problems and calculations. Make sure you can complete the following:

  1. When given an isotopic symbol, identify the number of Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons.
  2. Correctly change the number of electrons in Cations and Anions.
  3. Identify a common isotope using the atomic mass of an element, then rounding that number.
  4. Calculate atomic mass using actual atomic masses & percent abundance of isotopes
  5. Complete nuclear reactions (Alpha & Beta)
  6. Complete a nuclear decay scheme
  7. Identify particles by their symbol
  8. Complete a half-life chart.

Use your study guide and the answers from the documents page. Watch the voice threads and go over notes to help you review.
Please contact me via email if you have questions tonight. Feel free to come see me before school for extra help as well.

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