Hello. My name is Boron Trichloride.

Well, if your initials were BCl3 than it would be at least.
Today we begin Unit 5: Naming, and there is some good news and bad news to go along with that.
The good news is that there is not a lot of math, no formulas, no Avogadro’s number.
The bad news is that there are some tricky rules to what to name a compound when.

So, today we’ll be introduced to how to identify a Binary Compound. A Binary compound is any compound with two elements. When the second element is a Nonmetal, we replace the ending of the element with “-ide” (Like Carbon Dioxide). There are three types of Binary Compounds.

  1. Molecular Compound → Nonmetal + Nonmetal
  2. Ionic CompoundsMetal + Nonmetal
  3. Binary AcidsHydrogen + Nonmetal (The name begins with “Hydro” and the “-ide” at the end of the nonmetal is replaced with an “-ic”

Today we’ll be focusing on identifying the elements, determining if they are a metal (M) or nonmetal (NM), and identifying the type of compound. Here are a few examples:

Formula        1st Symbol      2nd Symbol      Type of Compound

ZnO               Zn (M)              O (NM)            Ionic Compound

BCl3               B (NM)             Cl (NM)            Molecular Compound

HBr                 H (Hydro)        Br (NM)           Binary Acid

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