Double your pleasure… double the fun!

Ha Ha, very fun (*not laughing… ok, maybe a chuckle). That was not the ‘Double’ I was talking about. I was talking about Double Replacement Reactions. They’re a lot like single replacement reactions… but EASIER!

This is the basic set up of a Double replacement reaction:

2 Ionic Compounds → 2 New Ionic Compounds

Another way to visualize this would be this set up…

CationAnion + CationAnionCationAnion + CationAnion

That’s pretty much it. Other than the subscripts, which like all Ionic Compounds are determined by the charges. Remember the rules:

  • Charges are Equal & Opposite → Subscripts are 1 to 1
  • Charges are Different → Use the Crossing rule

And just like that, you now know the 6 types of Chemical reactions!

We’ll be doing a Lab tomorrow and start reviewing next week. Plan on the test over chemical reactions being Next Thursday!

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