March Madness… sort of

Unit 7 Test Prep Today we’ll be turning in our (gigantic) Limiting Reactants Packet.

Yes, you will have time to complete it in class.

Once you’ve completed your packet, you will be given a copy of the Unit 7 Practice Test. This test will be identical in setup, appearance, and expectation to the real Unit 7 Test on Tuesday March 5th

The answers will be posted today so you can check your work… however, the work will not be posted until Monday so you are not tempted to cheat. YOU MUST SHOW ALL WORK on the practice test and ON THE TEST.

In addition, I have posted information on the Board in Room 4335 (and below) to assist you in determining what information to put where in your table. YOU WILL BE GRADED BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU PUT IN YOUR TABLE! So it’s important to learn how to discover numbers and where to place them.

Monday, we’ll be reviewing once more and there may even be an opportunity for Extra Credit. So study up and focus on Chem for a little while before you start thing bracketology.IMG_0136

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