Under The Weather

This was me on my way to school today

I’ve been feeling ill all week, and it has finally gotten the best of me… so I’ll be taking the day off to hopefully get well soon. Below is a description of what you’ll be working on on Friday in my absence. Please Email me if you have questions.

Test Corrections:

Get your graded scantron and test. For each incorrect answer, if you explain what the correct answer is AND why, you will earn 1 point of the 2 pts missed back. So if you missed 5 questions, you can earn 5 pts. The responses should be as detailed as possible and in complete sentences to get credit. Please do this in pages or Notability on the iPad and email me the finished product as a doc or PDF and I will be able to grade it while recouping at home.

Note: You DO NOT have to correct #’s 16, 17, 34, & 37. Those points have been given back to you on powerschool.

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