Unit 10: Complete the Puzzle

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Gas Laws Resource Living Document

1. Properties of Gases

  • Describe and site 4 examples of how gases are different than solids and liquids at the molecular level.
  • Complete each of these conversions:   atm → mmHg   //   atm → kPa   //   atm → torr

2. Boyle’s Law

  • Describe Boyle’s Law
  • Complete 4 problems using Boyle’s law
  • Create an explanation of how you can remember the formula for Boyle’s Law.

3. Charles Law

  • Describe Charles law
  • Complete 4 problems using Charles’ law
  • Create an explanation of how you can remember the difference between Boyle’s and Charles. OR
  • Watch this video and explain how it proves Charles’ Law.

4. Gay-Lussac’s Law

  • Describe Gay-Lussac’s law
  • Before receiving completion for this section you should  have: Posted at least 1 source of your  information (that was not previously posted) , with your name to this Google DocORPost a question you have and/or Post a response to another students question.

5. Combined Gas Law

  • Complete 4 problems using the Combined Gas Law.
  • Write and submit an explanation of what the combined gas law is and why it is useful in the box below. You can see the text from other respondents by clicking this link. Combined Gas Law Responses

6. Standard Temperature & Pressure (STP)

  • Complete 2 problems using the Combined Gas Law at STP.
  • Write a Definition of Standard Temperature & Pressure.

7. Universal Gas Constant (R)

  • Find ‘R’s value for :
    • L·Torr/mol·K (L·mmHg/mol·K)
    • liter·atm/mol·K
  • Determine what formula is ‘R’ used in.

8. Ideal Gas Law: Volume

  • Write out the formula of the Ideal Gas Law.
  • Complete 4 problems finding the value of the Universal Gas constant using the Ideal Gas Law.

9. Ideal Gas Law: Moles

  • Determine how many liters are equal to 1 mole of any substance at STP (#19 on the Gas Laws Calculations)
  • Complete  4 problems using the Ideal Gas law.

10. Density

  • Label the parts of this formula:  ρ = MM·P/RT
  • Complete 5 problems for density of Gases.

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