DNA Replication Models

Today in Bio, we’ll be starting our work on our Replication Models. They are great visuals of how the process of replication actually looks. In order to complete the model you will need the following:

dnahelicaseThis is a large undertaking and will take us a few days to complete. To keep track of our progress there are checkpoints listed in the directions as well as a photo journal to keep. The photo journal should include several pictures of you and your group working as well as a description of what is taking place on your model.

When you are finished, you will hang your model somewhere in the school building for all to see. Then snap a picture of it hung up and email it to me, along with your completed photo journal, at jkubuske@gocathedral.com

If you need a refresher of how DNA replication works, here are the notes from the other day. Have fun and good luck!

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