Unit 7 Review

Our Unit 7 Test is tomorrow (wait… what?)

We’ll be reviewing once more in class today but I wanted to make you aware of a resource available to you. I have created a Padlet for you to share resources with your classmates on. You can post questions, discussions, pictures, documents, or information for others to view to help everyone prepare for the Unit 7 test. If you post something that helps other prepare for the test (answer a question, post a fact, etc.) you will receive one bonus point on the test. Click the link below to be taken to the padlet.


On top of that, I will post the answer key to the Hunger Games stations we worked on yesterday here in the space below. If the link is not active, check back later.

Unit 7 Hunger Games: Answer Key

There was a lot of vocal, concepts, and information. So get your info organized! Other than that review your study guide, go back over the notes, watch the youtube videos, and pray for good luck.

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