Traduccion (Translation)

(Bio students: Sorry I can not be there with you today. But no worries, I’ve got an easy “Monday After a Long break” Lesson plan for you. The notes are already done for you. Just read through the information below -OR- watch the youtube video. Feel free to highlight or add notes as you go. Then work on:

I’ll be back tomorrow to explain how we will be making monsters… you heard me. Enjoy your day!)

Translation (or Taduccion in Spanish) is the second phase of Protein Synthesis. Last time, we learned about Transcription and the types of RNA. Today, we’ll learn how to convert the “language” of As, Gs, Cs, & Us to Amino Acids and proteins that your body actually “understands”, or uses.


The ‘Start Codon’, AUG, signals the beginning of Translation and where the Ribosome should start adding tRNAs.

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