Common Assessment #3

Common Assessment #3 – Link

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the 35 Question Common Assessment for the third quarter. It will cover Unit 7 (Reproduction) & Unit 8 (Genetics). The study guide is available on the Semester 2 Documents page, or you can get it from the link below. The key is also available for viewing this afternoon.

Common Assessment #3 Study Guide

Here are the list of key terms we’ve covered during the Second Semester. Click to enlarge:IMG_2449

Below is all of the videos from Unit 7 linked together as a playlist. If you would rather watch one section at a time individually, the links are still available on the Semester 2 documents page or on my YouTube Page

Here are the videos from Unit 8: Genetics

February 8, 2017 Plans

Sorry I cannot be there with you today. Cooper is not feeling well and will have to say home. In the meantime, here is what I need you to do to help me out…


Pick up the handouts from the front. The are the directions and the packet for your genetics project. Read the directions and it will give you an idea of what the objective, expectations, and grading will be. You will be making up traits for an animals and using the rules of genetics we have learned to do it. There’s an example on the back of the directions to show you how to do it. You’ll have all of this class and next clas to work on this.


Work on your genetics project. I would expect you should be able to get it just about finished today. Make sure your pictures are neat and colored.


Collect data and start writing and formatting your IA


Finish your genetics project. I would expect you to get finished today. Make sure your pictures are neat and colored. If you are finished. Get a copy of the Unit 8 practice problems & vocab list from the back of the room (they should be near your DNA origami’s; if you can’t find it then just download the PDF here and do it on notability.

Thanks for helping me out today, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Text or email if you have questions!