One more day I promise

Sorry guys. I know you’re excited to hear about baby Cooper and get back to our normal routine, but I’ll need one more day at home supporting our new family.

On the plus side, its a pretty easy day to celebrate winterfest. Here is the gameplan:


You’ll be watching the movie Gattaca today. Here is the trailer:

In the back of the room is an assignment I’d like you to fill out as you watch. Please keep it in a safe place because we’ll be watching the movie over about 3 class periods. Its a great movie and will start some pretty interesting convo (for example, keep an eye on the staircases).

If for some reason you cannot play the movie, you can work on your study guide for Common Assessment #3. Here is the link.

** Word on the street is you had trouble with the answer sheet for yesterday’s quest. We’ll discuss this on Monday so don’t worry about it too much.


Keep working on those Nutrition plans. We start Unit 5, Biomechanics, on Monday.

Since I’m not there, I’ll throw one more pic your way. See you Monday!


Yes, those are Ohio State socks. The kids got good taste.