Thursday, February 19th agenda

This is you walking from Kelly Hall to Loretto

Hey, sorry I can’t be there. My wife and newborn son Cooper had a little longer stay in the hospital, everyone is healthy and happy, but I’ m going to take just a little more time to attend to them. That being said, I’m going to make some adjustments to the plans we had discussed before I left last week. Here is the gameplan:


1. Instead of a Unit 8 Test, we’re going to do a “quest” (not as long, not as many points). I’m also going to allow you to use notes and ask each other questions. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO WORK TOGETHER OR SHARE ANSWERS. But you can ask each other for clarifications, explanations, or double checking work.

2. Use the link below to be taken to the answer form for the quest (we’ll do this quest on the iPad so I can grade it from home. Keep in mind the class period is shorter and you cannot “save” progress. You will want to have a piece of paper and pencil to work on punnett squares.

Link → Unit 8 Genetics Quest

3. Next week week, we’ll be watching a movie AND preparing for your common assessment. If you would like an early copy of the study guide you can find it on the biology semester 2 page.


Good news… I’m going to give you an extra week to turn in your nutrition guide. However! We will still be working on Unit 5 and following the daily goals for that unit as scheduled. I just figured it wasn’t fair to give you a huge assignment then disappear the week it is due. So continue to work on it but if you have questions you don’t have to panic about me not being there.


I’m sure this is what you were waiting for…
IMG_0805Cooper thanks you for sharing his Dad with him. And he wants you to stay warm out there!