This week in…

Lots of great stuff happening this week in Science and at Cathedral High School. Here’s a recap..


Students are practicing using the Scientific Method by devising experiments to test the strength of toilet paper -or- the absorbency of paper towels, they’ve come up with some pretty creative ideas.
We’ll also start covering what it means to be “Alive” this week and will soon be moving on to Unit 2… Biochem!


We’re working on 6.4 on our websites which is all about good training regimens and the principles that dictate what a good training program is.

Meet The Teacher Night!

We’ll be welcoming our students’ parents into our classrooms this Thursday so they can meet the teachers and see what their student is in for this school year!

Beat Ben Davis!

Our fall sports are off and running with Soccer and Tennis already starting matches. Volleyball kicks off this week as well as our Cathedral Fighting Irish Football team who looks to topple nationally ranked Ben Davis on Friday night!


The Scientific Method

Biology students, today will be our first time taking “Notes”, although today’s notes will be more of a review of a concept than the introduction of a concept. On the Bio- Semester 1 page, you’ll find a link to the video below as well as to the handout that corresponds to it. I would encourage you to decide today how you plan to take notes in class (notability or paper), and then decide how best to redo the notes neatly and orderly on notability or on the paper version (yes this means you will be writing the notes twice).