Thursday 4/24

You’re reaction when you see Mr. Kubuske is not here today.

I’m really sorry for having to be out again. I had a feeling I might have to be, which is one of the reasons I pushed the Bio test back to Monday ad allowing retakes on Monday in Chem. You’ve got a fairly straight-forward day ahead of you however. Here’s what I need you to get accomplished today.


  1. Email or Turn in your Energy in Food lab.
  2. Do the “Energy Transfer” review worksheet you received on monday. You can get the PDF version from the documents page as well. Turn it in when complete.
  3. Use the PPT of the Succession Notes (The video I made would not load properly to YouTube) and make drawings for Primary Succession & Secondary Succession. Be sure to write down key terms and a brief description of Eutrophication.
  4. Do the questions attached to the notes.

Would this abandoned amusement park be considered Succession? Would it be primary or Secondary?


  1. If you are ready to take the test, ask the Sub for a copy of the test and a formula sheet. You may NOT use your iPad, even as a calculator. There are calculators at your table and in the back of the room.
  2. If you are not taking the test today, make sure you have completed all of the 10 steps by tonight because YOU WILL be taking the test tomorrow (you may retake it on Monday if needed).