If you missed something during the notes today, ned to clean up your writing on Notability, or just need a refresher, you can view an annotated version of today’s powerpoint using the voicethread app or voicethread.com.

Click ‘Browse’; Search for ‘Kubuske’; choose the notes you wish to view (Making Measurements); the slides and comments should begin playing automatically. You can pause the slide at anytime to have time to write things down.

Every time we do notes, I will make this available either the night before or the night after. There is also a link in the ‘Semester 1 Notes’ page to each voicethread. I’ll give you every opportunity to succeed, it’s your job to take advantage of it. Good luck!


We’ll be beginning or investigation of Chemistry by learning how to make accurate and precise measurements based on given information or utensils. The notes/lecture can be viewed and reviewed using your voicethread app or by going to the ‘Semester 1 Notes’ at the top of this page.