New Photo Page Added

To help you keep up with the party that is Chemistry class, I’ve added a ‘Photos’ page to the blog. You can access photos from our recent Labs and see what we’re up to. Likewise, if you have a photo or poster that you would like to display to show your love of chemistry, feel free to email or twitpic it to me so we can post it!

jkubuske's Soda lab album on Photobucket

Lab: Density of Sodas

Believe it or not, depending on the type of Soda, some will float in water, while others will sink. This is because their density (D= Mass/Volume) is either greater than (sinks) or less than (floats) the Density of water (1.o g/ml). Today we’ll be determining the densities of  different types of soda in the Lab.

The rest of the week and into next we’ll be reviewing for the Unit Test which will be NEXT WEDNESDAY. Here are the topics we’ve covered:

  • Making Measurements with Uncertain Numbers
  • Accuracy, Precision, & Error
  • Significant Figures
  • Scientific Notation & Calculations
  • SI Units & Conversions
  • Derived Units (Density)

Start preparing Now! Use your notes, practice problems & answer sheets, voice thread, and study guides to get started!