Marshmallows are a Solid… right???

Marshmallows are a solid. But! they are also partially a gas, since their is air trapped inside the Marshmallow solid. That trapped air makes the marshmallow appear and feel “fluffy”. That being said, today you’ll be using mini-marshmallows to show me what you know about the 3 states of matter: Solid, Liquid, & Gas. Below is the directions on how to complete the activity and the template you need to fill in and turn in/email.


Marshmallow States of Matter

States Of Matter Template

If you need a refresher on the states of matter and how the atoms in each react with one another, see Chapter 2.1 in your iBook.

Mr. Kubuske will be available to answer questions as needed, but will be working on something very urgent from the U.S. Department of the Interior. More details to come later.

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