Your To Do List:

  • Take the Pre Test (found using this link or the docs page)
  • Take the notes using voicethread (link found on notes page)
  • Take the Post Test
  • Create an illustration (Follow the directions below)
  • Study your flashcards

Today we’ll be learning about Physical and Chemical properties and changes. Today is an independent learning day because I will be out for part of the next two days as I am involved with a seminar here on campus. Therefore I’m putting the information in your hands with voicethread. The annotated notes (yes that means I’ll be talking) are available on the notes page. AND, due to popular demand, I’ve gone ahead and added the key questions to the PDF for you. I know, I know, I’m too kind. When you’re finished with the notes, I’d like you to follow these directions:

  1. Get a clean sheet of computer paper
  2. Fold the paper in half
  3. Write, in text big enough to read from 5 ft away, “Physical Change” on one side and “Chemical Change” on the other.
  4. Below the text, draw a picture of an example of that type of change that was NOT ILLUSTRATED IN THE NOTES.
  5. Below your picture, explain how you know this is the type of change that it is.
  6. Make it neat, clean, and colorful.
  7. Turn it in to the dropbox when you’re done.
  8. No Electronic posters this time.

Tomorrow you’ll be in the lab with Mr. Fogel or myself observing some of the changes discussed today. Tomorrow is also your BIG 44 QUIZ so study those flashcards!

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