Prepare to start preparing for…

You guessed it! Your TEST IS THIS FRIDAY! Today you will be given a study guide to help you start organizing your thoughts and to start preparing yourself for the test. This test is usually a fairly easy test, but there is a lot of information… so start preparing now!

Before we’re ready to take the test we still have 2 topics to cover; 1 we’ve already sorta covered, and 1 brand new. Today we’ll be covering the one you already know a little something about, Substances & Mixtures. You’ll be using your book to answer some questions and do some inferring about what a substance and/or mixture is and how they are different. The handout and overview are located on the documents page (a filled in version will be available on the notes page tomorrow).

On top of that, today you’ll be given a study guide (available on the docs page) and a copy of tomorrow’s lab for you  to review.

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