Thing 3 – Social Media

If you look down the right side of this page you’ll see the live twitter feed for @CoachKubuske.
// This is my professional, and semi-personal, twitter feed that I use in my class. I have organized my other technology pieces (like wordpress and YouTube) to automatically update my Twitter with Tweets about new content added to this site. This is a chance to have technology do the work for you rather than you always feeling like this..


when it comes to new technology in the classroom.

The other advantage to your students having access to your twitter is that it:

  1. Gives them yet another avenue to contact you about class information (please remind your students about responsible use and the fact that it is inappropriate for them to ‘direct message’ you)
  2. Allows your students to ‘humanize’ you and see that you have hobbies and interests that they might have in common

Now, if you thought this information was helpful please let me know by tweeting at me
or by mentioning 13 for 13 in your own tweet! 

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