Common Assessment #3

Common Assessment #3 – Link

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the 35 Question Common Assessment for the third quarter. It will cover Unit 7 (Reproduction) & Unit 8 (Genetics). The study guide is available on the Semester 2 Documents page, or you can get it from the link below. The key is also available for viewing this afternoon.

Common Assessment #3 Study Guide

Here are the list of key terms we’ve covered during the Second Semester. Click to enlarge:IMG_2449

Below is all of the videos from Unit 7 linked together as a playlist. If you would rather watch one section at a time individually, the links are still available on the Semester 2 documents page or on my YouTube Page

Here are the videos from Unit 8: Genetics

Orbital Diagrams

To complete today’s assignment (the answers are posted BTW), you’ll need the following information about Orbital Diagrams. These are the rules that dictate where electrons go and how they spin.

1. Hund’s Rule: One electron is placed in each orbital of an electron shell BEFORE a second one is put in any of the shells. (AKA – The Bus Seat Rule)

    • Correct: ↑↓  _   _  _  _
    • Incorrect: ↑↓  ↑↓  ↑↓  __  __

2. Aufbau Principle: Each shell must be completely filled before beginning to fill the next shell

  • Correct: ↑↓      ↑_   ↑_  ↑_
  •              3s        3p
  • Incorrect: __    ↑↓  ↑↓  ↑_
  •                3s          3p

3. Pauli Exclusion Principle: Electrons in the same orbital spin in opposite directions

  • Correct: ↑↓
  • Incorrect: ↑↑

Thursday’s Plan

I’ll be out of the classroom Thursday and Friday. Each day I’ll post the plan on this site and all the activities and links can be found on the Semester 2 documents page.


Complete the “Despicable Me” & “Gnomeo & Juliet” Activities for complete and incomplete dominance. Each is due monday but you can turn them in tomorrow.


Work on your Elemental Dating project. Remember there are three parts to the assignment. If you are ready to start your video, make a Bohr Model of your element and use that to make your video.