One week to go!!!

I know, I know! Only one week to go! Might as well start the posting now to give you a little bit of what you’ve been missing.

In case you were not aware, this year I’ll be teaching Honors Biology again and…

No More Chemistry!

But fear not,I’ll still leave up all of my documents, keys, and notes for my former academic chemistry class (just for you XBio 13-14).

Instead of chemistry however, this year we are embarking on a new frontier of education here at Cathedral High School with the very first course of

Sports, Exercise, & Health Science!

If you have the privilege of partaking in this standard level IB course with me I guarantee it’ll be like no class you’ve had before. I have worked tirelessly this summer to prepare the course content for you. I will be incorporating best practices from IB, STEM, Tim Elmore, and my own masters program in the same course work. It will be a class based on experiential learning, problem solving, and research. We’ll talk more on that as the day draws near, but if you’re interested in learning more about this course, use the tab on top of this page of click here. In the meantime, enjoy your last week of freedom.


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