Biology Agenda – 8/14/14

Sorry I can’t be in class with you today. I’m actually in the building, I just have to be in a meeting this morning. So do me a favor, get these items listed below done and we’ll turn them in tomorrow.

  1. If you didn’t finish the notes last night via the PPT or YouTube links, do it now. I’ll even embed the video below to help!
  2. With your table, do the following worksheets:
    1. The Big Pill Company (you picked it up yesterday)
    2. Hypotheses & Variables (its’ on the table in front of the room)

Both os these will be turned in tomorrow and you ARE permitted to work on them together.

One last thing, there is a chance I won’t be in class tomorrow for similar reasons, so check back here for updates or follow me on twitter @CoachKubuske. Have a great day!


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