Common Assessment #3

As a reminder, here is the information included in the 35 (for honors, 30 for academic) question assessment:

  • Unit 7 – Reproduction
    • Types of Reproduction
    • The Cell Cycle, Stem Cells, & Cancer
    • Mitosis
    • Meiosis
    • Karyotyping & Genetic Disorders
  • Unit 8 – Genetics
    • Mendel (& his laws)
    • Advanced Genetics¬†
      • Codominance, Incomplete Dominance, Multiple Alleles, Sex-Linked
    • Pedigrees
    • Dihybrd Crosses

The Link below will take you to the answer sheet. Answer all questions on the answer sheet, do not write on the test. When you finish, there is an option to go back and review your work. Do not ever press the back button on the browser, you will have to start all over. Good Luck & Happy Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday!

Link  РCommon Assessment #3

Happy Valentines Day! Let’s Bee Friends… get it! haha

Sex-Linked & Multiple Allele Traits

Sorry I can’t be there today. But you are in good hands with Dr. Brooks. If you have questions on setting up the Punnett squares, she can definitely help. Be sure to pick up the handouts (which are also available on the Semester 2 page under Unit 8). Good Luck!


  1. (Finish! and…) Check your work then turn in the Oompah Loompa Worksheet
  2. Watch this youTube video and take notes using the handouts in the front of the room
  3. Work on the practice problems for Multiple Alleles & Sex Linked traits. This is not homework. However, the expectation is that you work on this with the time provided. It is due on the 12th (the day of the test) but you will have other projects you will be working on between now and then. If you choose to wait to do this assignment it will only put you behind.