Use your Voice… thread.

For the last week you have been relying on the teacher and your fellow classmates to get notes, complete assignments, and otherwise function in the classroom. Today, we will begin implementing part of the independence we discussed on the first day of class. After you complete the warm up you’ll be going over new information on Significant Figures using Voicethread. Follow the directions below and ask questions when they arise.

  1. Download the handout from the Docs page, from this link, or get the hard copy from the cart.
  2. Open your Voicethread App. Click ‘Search’ at the bottom. Then type in ‘Kubuske’ as the key word.
  3. Click on the’ Significant Figures’ presentation.
  4. Follow the directions on the presentation & notes taking notes in Cornell style.
  5. When you’re finished, complete the practice problems.

Remember, we’re on shortened periods for the Welcome Back Assembly this afternoon so don’t waste time.

Good Luck and hope to see you at Ben Davis supporting your team tonight!

Homework Tonight!

We’ll be finishing our notes/review of A.P.E. (Accuracy, Precision, & Error) today. After which we’ll do some practice problems to make sure everyone understands the concepts and answer any unsettled questions. After which you’ll be allowed to start on your homework for the evening (which you can download from the Semester 1 Docs Page… which has been updated to show some of the more recent items at the top). The homework is due Friday August 15th and is worth 25 points. Good Luck!

Mass Schedule & Intro to A.P.E.

We’ll be on an adjusted schedule today for our first schoolwide Mass of the year. The schedule will be posted in the classroom. Each class will be 33 minutes.
While in class, we’ll be doing an exercise called read-share-& compare. You will need a version of the textbook (iBook, eBook, or Hardback) and if you are planning on using your iPad for the activity you will need to download the document from dropbox here or on the Semester 1 Docs Page.


If you missed something during the notes today, ned to clean up your writing on Notability, or just need a refresher, you can view an annotated version of today’s powerpoint using the voicethread app or

Click ‘Browse’; Search for ‘Kubuske’; choose the notes you wish to view (Making Measurements); the slides and comments should begin playing automatically. You can pause the slide at anytime to have time to write things down.

Every time we do notes, I will make this available either the night before or the night after. There is also a link in the ‘Semester 1 Notes’ page to each voicethread. I’ll give you every opportunity to succeed, it’s your job to take advantage of it. Good luck!


We’ll be beginning or investigation of Chemistry by learning how to make accurate and precise measurements based on given information or utensils. The notes/lecture can be viewed and reviewed using your voicethread app or by going to the ‘Semester 1 Notes’ at the top of this page.

Weekend Reminder

Chemistry Procedures Activity Due Monday!
Lab Safety Quiz Monday!
We’ll be taking notes on Monday and you can use your iPad (Notability or any other similar app).
We’ll be in the lab on Tuesday.

Welcome Week starts this week as well.
If you have questions about Chemsitry, Homework, or other class related items, feel free to leave comments on this page. Or follow me in twitter @CoachKubuske. See you Monday!

Lab Safety

Is this safe procedure?

Before we can continue on with our investigation of Chemistry, we need to review two major topics.

  • The Scientific Method
  • Lab Safety

We reviewed the scientific method last class with the “string thing” today we will be investigating lab safety. We will review rules and expectations of the laboratory, go over some scenarios, and sign our lab safety contract. The information will be provided to you and, as always, is available on the ‘Semester 1 Docs’ page.


Your “Class Procedures Activity” we started Thursday is due on Monday. This will be your first grade.
Your Lab Safety Quiz will be Monday. You must pass before you can participate in Labs.
Your Lab Safety Contract will need to be signed by you and a parent and returned by Monday.

The First Day of School

Welcome back to another great year at Cathedral High School. I’m very much looking forward to communicating with you, providing opportunities for personal growth, and most importantly working with you to learn as much as possible about the discipline of Chemistry.

By now you have completed the process of downloading a lot of the necessary software or apps to help you navigate through this class. The next part of today’s activity involves familiarizing yourself with your classroom and the procedures we will follow to complete tasks while in the classroom.

I’m going to describe some steps for you to take which may include getting out of your seat to move about the room.
First, locate the grey rolling cart with a stack of papers and a dropbox of folders on it. This is Mr. Kubuske’s classroom cart. On the cart is an activity I would like you to complete. In order to complete the activity, you will need to go to the page titled “Semester 1 Docs”. There, you will find a link to a PDF version of our classroom procedures you will need to download and open. If completed during class time, you will turn it in in the assignment in to the dropbox of folders in the appropriate period’s folder (i.e. if you’re in second period, it goes in the folder marked “2”). If not completed during classtime, it is considered homework and is due tomorrow and should be placed in the dropbox by the beginning of class.

You will learn more in the coming days and weeks on all the features of this website, but for now, refer back to the “First Day of School” handout you received from Mr. Kubuske and enjoy the rest of your first day back!