Use your Voice… thread.

For the last week you have been relying on the teacher and your fellow classmates to get notes, complete assignments, and otherwise function in the classroom. Today, we will begin implementing part of the independence we discussed on the first day of class. After you complete the warm up you’ll be going over new information on Significant Figures using Voicethread. Follow the directions below and ask questions when they arise.

  1. Download the handout from the Docs page, from this link, or get the hard copy from the cart.
  2. Open your Voicethread App. Click ‘Search’ at the bottom. Then type in ‘Kubuske’ as the key word.
  3. Click on the’ Significant Figures’ presentation.
  4. Follow the directions on the presentation & notes taking notes in Cornell style.
  5. When you’re finished, complete the practice problems.

Remember, we’re on shortened periods for the Welcome Back Assembly this afternoon so don’t waste time.

Good Luck and hope to see you at Ben Davis supporting your team tonight!

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