ECA Practice Test & More!

For the ECA Practice Test

Open the link below in Safari. Once on the log-in page Click the buttons at the top of the browser and select “Add to Home Screen

  • Close all Apps and all Tabs.
  • Follow the teachers directions very closely
  • Failure to follow directions could result in your test being disqualified and you will receive a Zero, which remains on your high school record. Failure to follow directions can result in detentions or suspensions as well.

For After the Practice Test

Open the link below, download the PPT and then choose “Open in Keynote”

Photosynthesis Review

  • Play the game and follow the directions on each slide
  • Do Not advance the slides by clicking randomly. Click the link you think answers the question best.
  • After trying it by yourself, compete against the people at your table and see who can get them all right the fastest!


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