ECA Reminders

Biology students, here are a couple of reminders before we head into tomorrow’s ECA test.

1. Charge your iPad tonight!

Kind of a big deal since you will be using it for an hour straight tomorrow morning on a standardized test. And don’t assume there will be an available outlet in the room you are testing in. That being said…

2. Bring A Charger

…just in case.

3. Close all Apps and Tabs

Tonight go through and save any process or bookmark any websites that you need to keep. Tomorrow your iPad will need to be a clean slate.

4. Room Assignments

  • 1st period ⇒ 4309 (our regular room)
  • 3rd period ⇒ 4336 (history hallway)
  • 7th period ⇒ 4340 (history hallway)
  • 9th period ⇒ 4338 (history hallway)

5. Vocab Vocab Vocab

When writing your short answer questions, try to use vocab whenever possible. Instead of saying “Aa”, write heterozygous dominant

6. Take your time

You have 55 minutes. Think through an answer before you start typing, or eliminate options you know can’t be right before you choose the best possible answer.

7. Good Luck

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