Photosynthesis may seem like an easy topic, based on what you learned in middle school. But, as we go a little deeper into the processes of how Plants chemically create glucose from a gas, a liquid, and sunlight we find that it is a whole lot more interesting and complicated. Below is a graphic organizer to show the parts of the chloroplast, the reactants, the products, and the important molecules involved in both the Light & Dark Reactions.


Light Reaction

  • Light & Water enter the Thylakoid (or granum)
  • Oxygen is released as a byproduct
  • In the process, NADPH and ATP are charged and carry energy to the Dark Reactions.

Dark Reactions

  • The ATP and NADPH, combined with Carbon Dioxide, create Glucose.
  • The leftover NADP+ and ADP go back to the light reaction.

Ecology Unit Review

Today is our last class before our Ecology Unit Test. There will be multiple choice, matching, and short answer questions on the test. I posted a study guide (Key) that we will have time to work on in class.
Below are photos from our most recent notes on succession to help you as you review key questions and vocal. Click on one of the images to enlarge the picture.
IMG_2768 IMG_2769

Here is the YouTube video of the notes for your use as well:

My suggestion is to break this large unit into the 6 sections we discussed:

  1. What is Ecology?
  2. Interdependence
  3. Human Impacts
  4. Cycles
  5. Energy Flow
  6. Changes in Environments

Then, pull the Key Questions from each section (these are the headings during our notes!) If you can successfully and thoroughly answer the Key Question, you have all the information you need to be successful!

This will be our last test in Biology (other than the ECA & the Final)! So Good Luck!



Thursday 4/24

You’re reaction when you see Mr. Kubuske is not here today.

I’m really sorry for having to be out again. I had a feeling I might have to be, which is one of the reasons I pushed the Bio test back to Monday ad allowing retakes on Monday in Chem. You’ve got a fairly straight-forward day ahead of you however. Here’s what I need you to get accomplished today.


  1. Email or Turn in your Energy in Food lab.
  2. Do the “Energy Transfer” review worksheet you received on monday. You can get the PDF version from the documents page as well. Turn it in when complete.
  3. Use the PPT of the Succession Notes (The video I made would not load properly to YouTube) and make drawings for Primary Succession & Secondary Succession. Be sure to write down key terms and a brief description of Eutrophication.
  4. Do the questions attached to the notes.

Would this abandoned amusement park be considered Succession? Would it be primary or Secondary?


  1. If you are ready to take the test, ask the Sub for a copy of the test and a formula sheet. You may NOT use your iPad, even as a calculator. There are calculators at your table and in the back of the room.
  2. If you are not taking the test today, make sure you have completed all of the 10 steps by tonight because YOU WILL be taking the test tomorrow (you may retake it on Monday if needed).

Flipping The Classroom

Biology, here’s what we’ve got going today. We’re going to flip the classroom… sort of. In a true flipped classroom, I’d send you home with the assignment of taking notes so we could discuss the topics brought up in class the next day. BUT, we’re going to tweak that idea just a little bit. Here’s what I’d like you to do…

  1. Normally, I would give you a list of questions and ask you to answer them to show what you know. To Flip-It, with your table create a list of questions (at least 3 per person) you would like to have the teacher answer for you to gain a better understanding of the topics we’ve covered (Organization, Relationships, Human Impacts, & Cycles). I’ll be around to answer your questions and confirm your readiness to move on (you’ll have to take a quiz to prove you’re ready to proceed).
  2. Take notes on “Energy Flow” (YouTube & PPT slides are available). Here is the PDF if you prefer notes on notability. If you’re going to do paper notes, you’ll need a blank sheet of computer paper folded twice to make three sections.
  3. Then complete the review activity & turn in any outstanding activities from last week. (Biome Books, Review Worksheets, Predator-Prey Lab, & Case Study Questions)

Wednesday 4/16

Students, I hate to tell you bit I have to be out one more day to comfort my family and make my way back to Indiana.

In the mean time, I need you to take notes to answer these three questions for Biology:

  1. What impacts do human’s have on their environment?
  2. What causes ‘climate change’?
  3. What is an ‘invasive species’ and how is it harmful to an ecosystem?

Use the PPT provided, use your eBook, and/or watch the YouTube video on the topic to answer these questions. Tomorrow we’ll be playing a game related to the topic of Human Impacts on ecosystems and you’ll need these notes done to participate.

When you have the notes completed use the notes and pages 314-323 in your ebook to answer questions about 4 ‘case studies’ which can be used to show the principles of ecology. Your job will be to use the information on these pages to answer questions about each case study from the pdf below. The 4th case study, about invasive species, is found in the second pdf below.

Please have these questions completed for class tomorrow.

Chemistry, please continue to work on Gas Law calculations and email me as you complete tasks.

Honoring a Hero

My Grandfather, Father, and Me (2012)

I’m sorry to say but I will not be with you in class on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll be in Ohio honoring my grandfather who passed away this weekend. He was a great man who defended his country, raised a family, and improved his community. He led a full happy life and he will be forever loved and missed.

Leroy E. Kubuske 1925-2014

So I’m going to leave some directions on what I need you to do for me while I’m gone so we can pick up right where we need to on Wednesday. Theres no handout because I did not have an opportunity to make any copies before i had to leave town. So if you want handouts they are available as pdf’s from the semester 2 documents page. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Front row, 2nd from the Right. In front of his B-17 Bomber “Little Dinah” in 1943


Over the next Two days please get the following items accomplished. Feel free to do them in any order you wish.

  • Biome Books are Due Tuesday. Feel free to use Monday’s class to work on them.
  • Cycles Notes. I need you to get information on three of the major biogeologic cycles (Carbon, Nitrogen, & Water). I have placed images for each of the cycles on the documents page as well as using the links below. Study the images and take notes on them as needed. When you are ready, answer the three questions below using information you discerned from the images.
    1. (Water) As I got a drink from the drinking fountain at school, my teacher told me I was drinking the same water a dinosaur did 65 million years ago. Is he right or is he just messing with me? and how can I prove this?
    2. (Carbon) What roles do humans play in the Carbon cycle (at least three)?
    3. (Nitrogen) Why is my grass always greener after a thunderstorm… even if it doesn’t rain that much?
  • Cycles Review (pdf). After taking the notes, and either before or after answering the three questions, do this worksheet to check your understanding of the material. The key is posted on the Semester 2 Documents page.

On wednesday we’ll start discussion of Human impacts on the environment so you’ll need to know these cycles so we can discuss how we as humans disrupt them.


Please continue to work on your gas laws unit. You should be somewhere between #7-10 by the end of this week to be on a good pace. Some of you are still lagging behind…

Thank you again for your understanding and I’ll see you Wednesday. – Mr. K

Thursday 4/10

I’ll be out today doing some professional development over at Fatima. If you need me, send a quick email. Otherwise, you are working in an open classroom at your own pace. Please be respectful of the substitute and work on something during class even if it is not something related to our class. Enjoy the great weather and have a good day!


  1. Biome Books – Due Monday
  2. Interdependence Notes – Must be completed before class tomorrow
  3. Interdependence Guided Practice – Can be done anytime today or tomorrow but not until notes are done
  4. Wolf/Moose Article – On the back of the guided practice (or the first page of the lab pdf)
  5. Predator/Prey Lab – Done in class on Friday. Will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Lab report due Monday but can be turned in Friday


  • Continue working on the open classroom format. As you complete activities, show the sub you have them done (check your own work online) and have him initial your work. Keep in mind it is up to you to control your learning so if you choose to cheat the system and copy work to get extra sections done it will only hurt you in the long run.

Evolution Projects

Check out some of the amazing work our Honors Biology students created to share with some local middle school students to help them learn the basics of Evolution:


Some of the students created twitter accounts for middle schoolers to follow and included key concepts as well as #hashtagvocab