Happy E-Learning Day!

Biology D & E:

While you are at home safe and sound from the winter storm, here is what I would like you to do:

  1. Get out the 3 stapled packets you got in class on Wednesday.
  2. Start with the cell cycle stations packet (has a large circle on the front). Start with Station 1 using the assignment “Go Find the Info” I asked you to have done for class today.
  3. Each time you finish a station, then write down some brief notes about each station on the third notes packet (the one that has a chart that says partner/instructor in the boxes) in the boxes labeled “Partner”. These notes are for you and should be based on information from the station.

I don’t expect you to finish all of the stations (in fact if you don’t have notecards at home you wont be able to do #3), but you should try to get three or 4 of them done. We’ll finish the last of them in class on Tuesday together, and that is when we’ll fill in the “instructor” part of the third packet. You’ll turn in the stations on Wednesday (D) or Thursday (E) so you have time to finish that last station. Good luck, stay safe, and enjoy the 4 day weekend!