Organic Compounds & Carbohydrates!

Not quite how I pictured God looking but ok.

Okay, I know it doesn’t necessarily sound exciting… but keep in mind that organic compounds are what you and I and every living thing on the planet are made of! Kind of cool when you think about it… maybe it’s like God’s ingredients for life!

Anyways, today I’m going to introduce you to the idea of what an organic compound is, then we’ll cover the types, and finally spend some time going in depth into one of the most important organic compounds: Carbohydrates!

Carbs are pretty amazing in that its our body’s primary source of good clean energy. You’ll learn a lot more about them when you watch my video below. And speaking of… I would like for you to take notes on these topics using my youtube video which you can find at the bottom of this post. You should get a paper version of the notes or you can download a pdf version for notability by clicking this link. Either way, I hope you have a new appreciation for organic compounds soon! Bon Appetit!

Enzyme Notes

So as a review, Enzymes are biological catalysts that lower the amount of Activation energy needed to carry out a chemical reaction. They are usually named for the molecule they breakdown or build-up (Lactase → Lactose). If they are placed in solutions with harsh temperatures or pH, they will Denature (change shape) and chemical reactions can no longer take place. For more information, check the infographic below or watch the YouTube Video


Plans for Thursday 8-28

Sorry I can’t be there 1st or 2nd period. To the left is a picture of what I’ll be doing today…

below are the directions on what you’ll be doing today:


  1. Take notes on the first section of Unit 2, Basic Chemistry. Their is a YouTube video to watch or the PPT slides. Either way please take the notes and have them ready for class tomorrow.
  2. When you finish the notes, complete the worksheet on the back of the notes. It is NOT homework, but it is a good review. If you get stumped on a blank, read a sentence ahead and see if you can figure it out. You can always ask a person nearby for help too.
  3. I’ll be back later today and have your tests graded and posted
  4. See you on Friday. If you need anything else email me


  1. Your goal should be to try to have all 6 of the assessment statements for 6.1 done today. Lets try to get back into the routine of working and start to get ourselves back on track.

Test(s) Monday!

Honors Biology and Academic Chemistry…

Both classes have their Unit 2 test on Monday. I would really rather not do a test right after a weekend, but if you have concerns or questions please ask me on Friday! (remember tomorrow is our Day of Service and Friday’s classes are shortened for Counties and Mass)

The study guides are posted, and I will post answer keys to them this weekend.

Biology… pay special attention to the Vocab List.

Chemistry… pay special attention to the calculations (# of atoms, molar mass, % comp, and energy transfer).  Go back through my older posts (Like this one)for review.