Plans for Thursday 8-28

Sorry I can’t be there 1st or 2nd period. To the left is a picture of what I’ll be doing today…

below are the directions on what you’ll be doing today:


  1. Take notes on the first section of Unit 2, Basic Chemistry. Their is a YouTube video to watch or the PPT slides. Either way please take the notes and have them ready for class tomorrow.
  2. When you finish the notes, complete the worksheet on the back of the notes. It is NOT homework, but it is a good review. If you get stumped on a blank, read a sentence ahead and see if you can figure it out. You can always ask a person nearby for help too.
  3. I’ll be back later today and have your tests graded and posted
  4. See you on Friday. If you need anything else email me


  1. Your goal should be to try to have all 6 of the assessment statements for 6.1 done today. Lets try to get back into the routine of working and start to get ourselves back on track.

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