Sorry to disappoint, but…

Try not to be too upset that I’m not there.

I have a family emergency and won’t be able to come in today. I will try to have the tests graded ASAP but the important info is what you will be doing today in my absence.

Chemistry: Follow the directions on the board and find the video and documents on the Chem. Semester 1 page.

Biology: Complete the steps listed on the board in order.

  • Complete the warm up on a new “Note”: 
    1. What is an atom?
    2. What is an element?
    3. What is a bond?
    4. T/F – In the living world of anything determines it’s function
  • Watch this YouTube video over the notes we were going to take today
  • Do the “Periodic Table Labeling” on the back of your packet
    • The instructions are located at your table (please leave them there neatly at the end of the period)
    • Colored pencils and markers are located in the back. Please take what you need, share, and return the items when you’re done
  • Complete the Chemistry Practice tables in the middle of the packet as homework

Please stay on task and do not disrupt others who are trying to work… or you might have this guy show up to class on Wednesday

From the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

We have been contacted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to give input into what could potentially become a national crisis. To this point, the threat is real but the problem is still a few months from coming to fruition.

Key West Needs Water

The tiny tourist destination is on the verge of a crisis. Please read the details in the attached powerpoint and forward your plan on to Mr. Kubuske. After all the plans have been gathered, we’ll send them on to our contact in Washington.

Characteristics of Life

Over the next few days, until our Test on Monday, we’ll be studying the 8 characteristics of life. You should know the description of each, any vocabulary associated, be able to provide an example, and assess how each characteristics relates to the others.

  1. Cells
  2. Metabolism
  3. Reproduction
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Evolve
  6. Heredity
  7. Respond to Stimuli
  8. Growth/Development

The Scientific Method

Biology students, today will be our first time taking “Notes”, although today’s notes will be more of a review of a concept than the introduction of a concept. On the Bio- Semester 1 page, you’ll find a link to the video below as well as to the handout that corresponds to it. I would encourage you to decide today how you plan to take notes in class (notability or paper), and then decide how best to redo the notes neatly and orderly on notability or on the paper version (yes this means you will be writing the notes twice).