Are you Smarter than a 6th Grader?

Obviously you are, otherwise you’d still be there right?

Seriously though, today we’ll begin collaborating on and producing some type of presentation to introduce 6th graders to the concept of evolution. Now, there are lots of ways to go about this, but to get you started here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Importance Choose information that is, what you consider, the most important and relevant information they need in order to grasp the concept.
  2. ConnectionsProvide them with images, real world connections, and other materials that will make it easier to understand what you are trying to show them.
  3. Terms What terms will you be using that they do not know? How will you provide them with a definition they can understand?
  4. Creativity/EnthusiasmIf you are not excited about what you are doing, or what you are creating, it will show in your final product and your students will know it too!
    • No Power Points & No Videos of You Reading From a Script If it would bore you as a student, why would you make someone else suffer through it?

Along with your product, you will need to have a journal that is kept each day to track your activities, progress, and estimated completion date. This is done on an individual basis and will only be seen by your instructor.

The project is based on a grade of 100 points, and there are further directions and a rubric available using the link below, or on the Semester 2 Docs page.

Evolution Project PDF

My last warning to you will be to stay diligent and to be efficient. Make a plan and execute the plant. Focus on the details but do not let them consume you. Remember you are a part of a group/team and there are others counting on you to do your duty. Good luck and have fun!