The Fossil Record

One of the most enjoyable parts for both myself and my students about studying evolution, is a chance to search for evidence and create your own hypotheses and theories based on your own evidence. Sure the terms and concepts may not be up for debate, but how we use and interpret them is. Today, you and your new table mates will seek to answer a series of questions. Each of these questions will lead you to creating your own theory which you will type in below.

The Guiding Questions can be found by following the link to the Google Doc. Make sure, you follow the directions carefully to make your own version of the Google Doc.

The Fossil Record: Guiding Questions

You will use the iBook and an interactive website from the University of California Berkley to answer the questions.

UCMP: Getting Into the Fossil Record

Finally, when you are done with your guiding questions as a group, you will formulate your own theory and share it with the world. Answer the question below and feel free to view how other interpret the data.

Class Results/ Theories