Flipping The Classroom

Biology, here’s what we’ve got going today. We’re going to flip the classroom… sort of. In a true flipped classroom, I’d send you home with the assignment of taking notes so we could discuss the topics brought up in class the next day. BUT, we’re going to tweak that idea just a little bit. Here’s what I’d like you to do…

  1. Normally, I would give you a list of questions and ask you to answer them to show what you know. To Flip-It, with your table create a list of questions (at least 3 per person) you would like to have the teacher answer for you to gain a better understanding of the topics we’ve covered (Organization, Relationships, Human Impacts, & Cycles). I’ll be around to answer your questions and confirm your readiness to move on (you’ll have to take a quiz to prove you’re ready to proceed).
  2. Take notes on “Energy Flow” (YouTube & PPT slides are available). Here is the PDF if you prefer notes on notability. If you’re going to do paper notes, you’ll need a blank sheet of computer paper folded twice to make three sections.
  3. Then complete the review activity & turn in any outstanding activities from last week. (Biome Books, Review Worksheets, Predator-Prey Lab, & Case Study Questions)

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