Wednesday 4/16

Students, I hate to tell you bit I have to be out one more day to comfort my family and make my way back to Indiana.

In the mean time, I need you to take notes to answer these three questions for Biology:

  1. What impacts do human’s have on their environment?
  2. What causes ‘climate change’?
  3. What is an ‘invasive species’ and how is it harmful to an ecosystem?

Use the PPT provided, use your eBook, and/or watch the YouTube video on the topic to answer these questions. Tomorrow we’ll be playing a game related to the topic of Human Impacts on ecosystems and you’ll need these notes done to participate.

When you have the notes completed use the notes and pages 314-323 in your ebook to answer questions about 4 ‘case studies’ which can be used to show the principles of ecology. Your job will be to use the information on these pages to answer questions about each case study from the pdf below. The 4th case study, about invasive species, is found in the second pdf below.

Please have these questions completed for class tomorrow.

Chemistry, please continue to work on Gas Law calculations and email me as you complete tasks.

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