Welcome Back

Welcome to Semester 2! I’m not gonna lie… I love semester 2 because we get to cover some really cool topics. Think of it this way, Semester 1 was all a big set up for the interesting stuff we’re covering now through the end of the year. That being said I know we have some new faces in class and I wish I could be there to welcome you in person. Alas, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Either way, new to the class or coming back for another go round, welcome and I sincerely hope you have a great Biology experience.

If you are new make sure you add this page to your homescreen so its easy to access. Also you should check out the class rules, expectations, and procedures at the bottom of the semester 2 documents page (which you can access through the buttons at the top). Now, on to the good stuff… today’s activities:

  1. (Make sure you pick up the papers in the front) Please watch my YouTube video on chromosomes and take notes

  2. After taking notes, read the small article you picked up. As you read, highlight material you find important and/or interesting.
  3. Then, compare your highlights to a partner of your choice. With that same partner you can them complete the questions related to the reading.

You will need to have this done and completed before our next class because we are quickly going to move on from Chromosomes to talking about types of reproduction and how these chromosomes are related to those processes. Have a great first day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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