Happy (ic)e learning day!

Live view from 56th street

Well it’s finally official, we are on an e-learning day because of ice. Thank goodness too because 56th street was a mess (yes, that’s right I made it into school today).
Today would have been a day 4 and so periods D & E would have had class today.

Luckily, everything we would have done in class you can do at home. You’ll just have to do it by yourself instead of with your “tates”. Below is a description of what you need to do today to be prepared for your next class and your test coming up Monday the 29th!

  1. Get out the Karyotyping Practice Handout we started at the end of last class (you did the front side already).
  2. Complete the top table with the information you already have.
  3. Then, use the 10 Example Karyotypes and fill in the second table with the correct disorder for each example karyotype. You’ll turn this assignment in at the beginning of your next class.
  4. When that is complete you can start working on your Unit 7 Study Guide. The answer key is provided to check your work.

Be safe, get some work done, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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