Honoring a Hero

My Grandfather, Father, and Me (2012)

I’m sorry to say but I will not be with you in class on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll be in Ohio honoring my grandfather who passed away this weekend. He was a great man who defended his country, raised a family, and improved his community. He led a full happy life and he will be forever loved and missed.

Leroy E. Kubuske 1925-2014

So I’m going to leave some directions on what I need you to do for me while I’m gone so we can pick up right where we need to on Wednesday. Theres no handout because I did not have an opportunity to make any copies before i had to leave town. So if you want handouts they are available as pdf’s from the semester 2 documents page. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Front row, 2nd from the Right. In front of his B-17 Bomber “Little Dinah” in 1943


Over the next Two days please get the following items accomplished. Feel free to do them in any order you wish.

  • Biome Books are Due Tuesday. Feel free to use Monday’s class to work on them.
  • Cycles Notes. I need you to get information on three of the major biogeologic cycles (Carbon, Nitrogen, & Water). I have placed images for each of the cycles on the documents page as well as using the links below. Study the images and take notes on them as needed. When you are ready, answer the three questions below using information you discerned from the images.
    1. (Water) As I got a drink from the drinking fountain at school, my teacher told me I was drinking the same water a dinosaur did 65 million years ago. Is he right or is he just messing with me? and how can I prove this?
    2. (Carbon) What roles do humans play in the Carbon cycle (at least three)?
    3. (Nitrogen) Why is my grass always greener after a thunderstorm… even if it doesn’t rain that much?
  • Cycles Review (pdf). After taking the notes, and either before or after answering the three questions, do this worksheet to check your understanding of the material. The key is posted on the Semester 2 Documents page.

On wednesday we’ll start discussion of Human impacts on the environment so you’ll need to know these cycles so we can discuss how we as humans disrupt them.


Please continue to work on your gas laws unit. You should be somewhere between #7-10 by the end of this week to be on a good pace. Some of you are still lagging behind…

Thank you again for your understanding and I’ll see you Wednesday. – Mr. K

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